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BMW has developed a fully autonomous valet system that will park your car, and it's completely controlled by a smartwatch and your voice.

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CES 2015 is in full swing in Las Vegas and the two hot topics this year are wearable smartwatches and driverless car technology.

BMW combined the two with their "Remote Valet Parking Assistant," a demonstration of their ActiveAssist autonomous driving technology.

BMW's ActiveAssist i3 is an impressive display of just how far driverless cars have come in recent months. The car is smart enough to navigate through a multi-story parking garage by combining real-time scans from onboard lasers and digital floorplans of the garage. The car will find an open parking spot, park itself, and then lock itself, all without an operator in the vehicle.

When the driver is ready, the car will turn itself back on, navigate out of the parking garage, and return to its owner.


All of this is controlled through voice commands given to a smartwatch. In the video above, the BMW engineer simply says, "BMW, pick me up," to get the car to exit the parking garage and return to him.

According to BMW, the Remote Valet Parking Assistant and it's smartwatch app use some clever tech wizardry to calculate exactly how long it's going to take you to walk to the parking garage to pick up your car. The car then waits to leave its spot until just the right moment to ensure you and your car arrive at the parking garage entrance at the same moment.


As cool as the demonstration is, don't expect to see this technology in your BMW anytime soon. Driverless car technology is still in its infancy, and its has a few years to go before it will be ready for consumers.


BMW hopes to start implementing some of this autonomous technology in its cars in 2020.

Source and Images: BMW

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