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The Ultimate Dodge Hellcat Burnout Video Roundup

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The Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat SRT twins are two of the most powerful production cars on the market, and they're really, really good at doing burnouts. Here are a bunch of videos of them shredding their tires.


The SRT Hellcat twins are both packing 707 horsepower supercharged HEMI V8s under the hood that make a tire-melting 650 lb.-ft. of torque. They're essentially the greatest burnout machines ever sold on dealer lots.

In celebration of the first Challenger Hellcats rolling off the assembly line and onto showroom floors this week, we collected all of the smokiest Hellcat burnout videos we could find.


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Ralph Gilles does one of the first public Challenger Hellcat Burnouts

Ralph Gilles, president of the SRT brand, celebrated the unveiling of the Challenger Hellcat with a massive burnout. In the beginning of the video, Gilles attempts a burnout, but forgets to disable the Hellcat's traction control. The 700+ horsepower beast was able to overwhelm the computer and produce a little smoke, but it's nothing like what happens at the 57 second mark.

Car and Driver's double Hellcat burnout

Car and Driver put two Challenger Hellcats side-by-side on a drag strip and filmed them ripping up their tires from a bunch of different angles.

TFL Car's red white and blue burnout:

The Fast Lane Car has video of three Dodge Charger SRT Hellcats doing what might just be the most patriotic tandem burnout of all time.

Slow Motion Challenger Hellcat Burnout

Automobile magazine filmed a Challenger Hellcat smoking it's tires in slow-mo at sunset. This might be the prettiest burnout video of them all.

Dealer lot Hellcat burnout

Normandin Chrysler showed off their new Challenger Hellcat by doing a smoky burnout right in the dealer lot.

Smoky Hellcat Donuts

Most Hellcat burnout videos out there are "tame" standing or straight-line burnouts. This video from WhipAddict shows what the Hellcat can do with a little more space.

Catch a few more bonus burnout videos over at!

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