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Rick and Todd Kelly are Australian V8 Supercar racing teammates, and they have very, very cool lives.

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GoPro profiled the brothers in a short documentary on YouTube. Outside of their successful racing careers in V8 Supercars (which is arguably the coolest form of racing there is), the brothers dabble in just about anything with an engine.

Todd and Rick race for Jack Daniels Racing as a part of the Nissan Motorsport V8 Supercar racing team. Nissan Motorsport is owned by the Kelly brothers' parents, John and Margaret Kelly.

GoPro's documentary on the brothers gives a brief insight into what it's like to train and live like a V8 Supercar racing driver. The Kelly brothers drive powerboats, fly planes, ride dirt bikes, and hang out with Kangaroos on the family farm in this 12 minute film.

And that 80s-tastic header photo? Jump to the full story to find out what those outfits are all about.


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