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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has traditionally been the place for technology manufacturers to show off their latest gadgets and gizmos. This year it was a little different. The stars of the show weren't computers or drones, they were cars.

Car technology took centerstage at CES 2015 as automakers and tech companies alike showed off a wide range of upcoming car technology. Here are the three coolest pieces of automotive technology that were shown off at CES this year:

BMW's Autonomous Valet Parking Via Smartwatch


BMW's "Remote Valet Parking Assistant" is a seriously cool example of how driverless car technology will change the way we interact with our cars. Cars equipped with the autonomous valet system are capable of navigating, all on their own, through multi-story parking garages to find an open spot and park. Then, when the driver is ready, the car will navigate itself back out of the garage and return to the owner.

The cool part about this system is that it's completely controlled by voice commands given to a smartwatch.

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Mercedes's Wild Vision Of The Future


Mercedes is preparing for the future of the automobile by looking ahead. Way ahead. The Mercedes-Benz F 105 "Luxury In Motion" Vehicle is Mercedes's vision of the car of the future.


Everyone will only wear the color gray in the future, apparently.

Besides being incredibly luxurious on the inside (you might as well be comfortable while you let your car drive you around, I guess), the autonomous F 105 is jam-packed with technology. The car has screens on almost every interior surface that are controlled by gestures and eye-tracking, rather than touch. Nearly every function of the car is connected to the internet, so you can do things like send your car off to pick someone up, by itself, from the comfort of your home computer.


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The Parrot RNB 6 Head Unit

We saw plenty of concepts and visions of our automotive future at CES, but Parrot's new head unit is technology for the car of the present.


The RNB 6 is an Android-based head unit that runs both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. That means that whether you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you can control aspects of your phone, for example music, navigation, and even text messaging, directly from your car's dashboard.

The system is a double-DIN device, so it should be a straightforward swap with the existing head unit in most modern cars. No word on the price yet, but it should be available later this year.


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Photos via BMW and Mercedes-Benz

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