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The 2015 Red Bull Frozen Rush pitted 900 horsepower Pro4 racing trucks against one another, in the snow, in one of the wildest forms of wheel-to-wheel racing you'll ever see. The video from the event is just insane.

Pro4 Truck Snow Racing GoPro POV

The on-board footage above gives a taste of just how insane these guys are. They're racing virtually blind, in an open cockpit race truck, doing absolutely mind-boggling speeds on a surface that they have almost zero traction on. The racing is tight, there's plenty of contact between trucks, and the ridiculously powerful engines sound incredible.


It's NASCAR, turned up to eleven, on ice.

The Pro4 Series is the top class in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. They race on tight, short course circuits (think Global Rallycross in trucks). Generally these races happen on dirt, but the Red Bull Frozen Rush event put these 900 HP monsters on a snow-covered ski slope in the mountains of Maine.

The Pro4 class race trucks are purpose built for this abuse. The 4000 lb. trucks send all of that power to all four wheels, and their suspension systems have a whopping 18″-20″ of travel.

Be sure to watch the Frozen Rush when it airs on TV on NBC on March 1st.

Red Bull has even more video from the event which you can watch right here.

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