When I purchased my 2003 Platinum Silver Metallic WRX, I was ecstatic. It was my first turbo car, it was my first all-wheel drive car. Little did I know what I had gotten myself into.

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"He needs to sell that thing"

The words of my roommate echoed through my head while I sat on the side of the road watching the tow truck driver put dollies under my rear wheels, I thought about how much easier my life would have been the last few years had I decided not to travel down the road of Monster Energy fanboys and amateur rally-ists alike.

My transmission had completely locked in 5th gear, rendering itself inoperable for stoplight traffic. This was just the latest endeavor in a long list of incidents of mechanical malfunctions which the Subaru had decided to throw my way over the course of the last year. A list that includes a fried valves, a new cylinder head, coil packs, fluid flushes, sensors, and gaskets. While I own just one WRX, I have paid for more than two.

I was coming off of owning a 2001 Integra, so the differences were substantial, incomparable even. I had traded half of my headlights for nearly double the horsepower and a sweet set of fog lights.


Finding a seemingly unmolested turbo Subaru is about as hard as finding a Nissan 240 without a welded differential or cut springs. The only modifications present on the car were a set of lowering springs, a short shifter, and shaved trunk badging. This was the good, now let's look at the bad.

Within one month of purchasing, the factory plastic skid-plate fell off. Not a big deal, being that it's exclusively a road car and I don't mind trading better airflow for an extra bit of cooling, not to mention the fact that a replacement skid plate would cost 200+ dollars.


Then a few months later, one of my fog light bulbs burns out. Fine by me, easy fix. Wrong. The head snapped off of one of the bolts securing the housing to the bracket, and was completely fused together. Looks like I won't be running fogs for a while either.

Although Jeremy Clarkson and the boys from Top Gear insist that you need to own an Alfa Romeo to be a true "petrol" head, I would gladly argue that owning a Subaru is much the same. I have never liked this car, I have never been okay with this car. I have either loved it wholeheartedly, or hated it to the point of daydreaming about it burning to the ground.

Follow along as I detail the ups and downs of my Subaru WRX ownership in this series, The Chronicles of a WRX Owner.


Photos by Anthony Roderman

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